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10 Creative Ideas for Creating Viral Article Content on Social Media

10 Creative Ideas for Creating Viral Article Content on Social Media | There is a website that is crowded, some are not. Though in appearance these websites carry the same layout. So what is different between the two? Content, that's what distinguishes between a crowded website and a website that is empty of visitors. Good content will attract many visitors. Especially if there is viral content. It doesn't need a lot. Enough with just a few viral articles, traffic can be boosted.

Given the magnitude of the role of viral articles in boosting traffic, it is very natural for every creator and online business person to want it so much. Unfortunately, it's not easy to create content like this. You can just follow trends or create unique content. However, there is no guarantee that the content will go viral. But with the following tips, you will be a few steps closer to the viral article.
10 Creative Ideas for Creating Viral Article Content on Social Media

Ideas for Making Viral Articles on Social Media

1. Find topics and themes that are currently being discussed
There is one pattern that can be found in every viral news. Most of the content follows topics that are currently being discussed. Content like this always talks about issues that are currently happening and many are in the spotlight. Indeed there are some exceptions. But if traced again, the content basically follows this pattern.

It is not difficult to find out what topics are being discussed. You can use social media, online forums or visit news portals to find them. There is also Google Trends. You can use it to find out topics that are trending in your country.
If you have found a topic, you can develop it into a theme. Find themes that are relevant to the topic. Look for unique and interesting themes. Look for themes that are close to people. At least, the viral news that you will present later can trigger the reader's curiosity.

2. Create content with a language style that is easy to understand
In general, people are interested in content that is made in a language style that is light and easy to digest.
Content like this is also easily accepted and very shareable. It's also what makes content like this easy enough to develop into viral articles.

Viral articles are articles that are basically made for a broad audience. Therefore, the style of language used must also be more generic. Avoid using specific terms. At least, limit its use. You must be able to make viral articles easily accepted by anyone.

3. Be yourself, show a different perspective
You do create content for other people to read. However, that does not mean you also have to be someone else to get their attention. Be yourself. Offer a different perspective. So even though the topics and themes you are carrying out are still following the trend, your unique perspective will make the content more interesting to develop into viral articles.

Although it must look unique, don't overdo it. People prefer original, honest and not too far-fetched content. For example, like an article about honest opinions from yourself related to the issue that is currently being discussed. Practical how-to articles that you find yourself also have the chance to become viral articles.

4. Create headlines or titles that attract the reader's curiosity
When you find an article, what did you first see and read? Headline and title, that's the first thing to read. The decision to continue reading the contents of the article also depends heavily on how headlines and titles can attract attention. You can find this on almost all viral news.

When making headlines, you should avoid the types of headlines that are too clickbait. Headlines like this can indeed attract attention. People who see it will be encouraged to click and read the contents until they run out. If you really want to use the clickbait trick, make sure not to overdo it. Be sure to be honest and make it relevant to the content.

There are several ways to make interesting headlines. For example, by using odd numbers and inserting data into headlines. Develop the urgency of the article made. In order to develop into viral articles, make sure that headlines are made shareable.

5. Don't be too long, keep opening content short
No one likes an opening that is too long. In fast-paced times like now, people want to get information faster too. If possible, they want to capture the message of an article without having to read it thoroughly. That's why most viral news is made with a fairly short introduction.

Article openers must be able to encourage people to read the contents of the article itself. Because of this, this section usually contains problems. The point here is to build an opinion that the problem you are showing must indeed be resolved. Also show the consequences if the problem is left unchecked. In order for viral articles to be more visible in attracting the attention of customers, also add supporting data.

6. Add images to the content
Article content must not only consist of writing. Don't forget to add images to it. This will make the article look more visually attractive. Articles also don't seem boring. The opportunity to grow into viral articles is also getting bigger.

However, the image is not just a sweetener. Images can also confirm messages and help explain the contents of the article. Because of that, make sure to use images that are relevant to the article that was created. It would be great if the picture was yours. This will obviously add value to viral articles.

Especially the picture with an interesting infographics touch, it will be a plus for your article.

If you look for images yourself, it is too difficult, you can use images that can be found on the internet. Just choose a picture that is free. However, don't forget to write the source. So if the content that you make develops into a viral article, there will be no one who will question the copyright of the image in it.

7. Long content has the potential to go viral
In a study conducted by Dr. Jonah Berger, long article content and discussing one topic more deeply has the opportunity to go viral higher. The percentage can reach 76.8%. The SEO value of articles like this is also higher. So you can imagine. When successfully appearing on the first page of search engines, content will be easier to become viral articles.

Unfortunately, it's not easy to make a long enough article. The solution, you can develop the article with ideas and other themes relevant to the main theme. This method will add to the weight of the article. The discussion also becomes more complete. Also use some viral news as reference material.

8. Enter emotions into the content
Articles with emotional elements, whether it triggers awe, surprise, sadness or anger, has the potential to become viral. The possibility reaches 28%. At least that's what was found in a study published in the journal Marketing Research. So if you want to make viral news, try to include these elements.

The question now, how do you incorporate emotional elements into an article content? You can copy viral news or news trending topics on social media or news portals. There are many news items that include emotional elements like this, especially if the news carries a sensitive topic such as religion, humanity and politics.

The best location for entering this emotional element is in the title section. Remember, the title is the first thing to read. So if the title you have created is able to provoke the emotions of the reader, it is likely that the content will be shared and develop into viral articles.

9. Add the hashtag
The hashtag feature will make content easier to find. Hashtags also help confirm the topic or theme you are carrying out. But if all you want is viral news, it's good to make your own hashtag. Avoid existing hashtags.

Ideally, the hashtag is made as short as possible. However, try to use more than one word. Hashtags that only consist of one word will look too generic. Competition is also tight. In addition, the hashtag must also be relevant to the content of the article created. Make a hashtag that is unique and easy to understand. This will increase the chances of your content becoming viral articles.

10. Publish content at the right time
Timing is also important in making viral news. Try to imagine. If you post at times when there are only a few people accessing social media, is it possible that content is viral? Don't be viral, just get an audience in large numbers, not necessarily. Articles published at the right time are more likely to get greater attention. But when exactly is the best time to publish content?

The answer to this question is very relative. Everything returns to your target audience. Who is your audience? What time do they access social media? If your audience accesses social media at lunch break or between 12.00-13.00 hours, then publish your content at that hour. But if your target is housewives who generally finish taking care of the house at 9:00 or 10:00, publish your content on the clock

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